Ryan Namdarkhan, ND

Why I became a doctor

I was fortunate to have a large family. Sadly, this also meant witnessing one family member after another fall ill to cancer and other chronic diseases. This experience taught me the importance of maintaining good health.

Then, after enduring health struggles of my own and being harmed by certain pharmaceutical medications, I started to look beyond the conventional medicine approach. I felt there had to be a better, more natural way to not only treat disease but also support optimal health.

I started studying botanical and nutritional medicine on my own, mainly to treat myself and improve my own health This was when I discovered the profession of naturopathic medicine, entirely by chance. When I learned that Bastyr was expanding from Kenmore, Washington to San Diego, I knew it was meant to be. I left my corporate career to pursue naturopathic medicine.

My interest in “anti-aging” medicine stems from my belief that managing the aging process as safely and effectively as possible has a profound impact on one’s health and quality of life.

About me

Traveling is my absolute favorite hobby. I’ve been to almost every continent and over 30 countries! I love immersing myself in new cultures, meeting the local people, and learning new languages. I enjoy experiencing everything from metropolitan cities to lush, tropical jungles and small tribal communities.

In my spare time, I love being outdoors and in the water. Spending time outside in the sun, going on a hike, or enjoying a day at the beach are amongst my favorite activities.

I’m a big movie buff and my love for cinema is what originally drew me to Los Angeles. I enjoy the classics, as well as foreign and award-driven films. I also love plants, gardening, wildlife, and cooking.


Josel Dauz, ND

Josel Dauz, ND is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in California. Her interest in medicine began at an early age dealing with various conditions as a child and later helping her mother fight breast cancer. Initially, her focus was to become an ER physician, but through her own wellness journey Naturopathic Medicine found her.

Finding the root case is a passion of Dr. Dauz. She is devoted to give her patients comprehensive, individualized and compassionate care. As an ND, she is trained in general medicine with special interests in:

  • Women & Children’s health
  • Infertility treatments
  • Oncology support
  • Hormone balancing
  • Genetic counseling
  • Functional Medicine
  • Anti-aging
  • Pain management/Regenerative medicine
  • Chinese Medicine

Dr. Dauz continues to be a lifelong student to provide the best care for her patients. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, reading, traveling, being outdoors; hiking, camping and snowboarding. A deep passion of hers is international medicine and has volunteered in many underserved communities around the world.

Education and Training


Everyone has the right to experience optimal health and wellness and to access effective care promptly and conveniently.

Our Mission

At VITALIZE NATURAL MEDICINE we create a bridge between western and naturopathic medicine within a positive, caring, and supportive environment that leaves people feeling hopeful and empowered about their health and wellness. To offer the broader public the chance to look and feel well, perform better, heal, recover and enhance the quality of life today, simplify the healthcare process and provide options outside the standard medical model that are grounded in nature while being no less scientific and quantifiable.
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