Nutrient injections are a quick, effective, and affordable treatment to ensure your body is receiving vitamins, minerals, and amino acids with nearly 100% bioavailability. At VITALIZE, we can tailor a nutrient shot for your individual needs, or you can select one of the shots formulated by Dr. Ryan below! These natural medicine shots are ideal when you need a boost so you can live and perform at the optimal levels in the aspects of your life that matter to you most.


B-12 • $20

energy + metabolism + well-being

B-Synergy • $30

b-vitamins blend for overall well-being

Detox • $40

support liver + release toxins

Brain Fuel • $45

mental clarity + memory

Beauty • $45

radiant hair + skin + nails

Hangover / Headache • $40

recover faster

Immuni-D • $50

Get a large dose of Vitamin D in one shot. Great for quickly building up your reservoirs of this critical fat-soluble that has immune-boosting and antiviral properties

Energy Boost • $40

long-lasting energy support

Fat Burner • $30

support fat metabolism

Immune Support • $45

immune system boosting

Stress Adapt • $45

calming + improve mood + mental balance


Immurgen-C • $85

Get Zinc and Vitamin C that will be 100% absorbed by your body in a quick IV push. Great for boosting immune function, supporting skin health, collagen production, or before an airplane flight!

B-C-Mag Cocktail • $75

Get Vitamin C, B-Complex, and Magnesium that will be 100% absorbed by your body in a quick IV push Great for boosting immune function, energy, mood, relaxation, and headaches.


Immurgen-C • $150

Get large doses of Vitamin C and Zinc that will be 100% absorbed by your body from an IV bag.


NAD+ IV Therapy is a treatment that involves intravenous administration of NAD+ to increase cellular energy production and promote healthy aging. It aims to improve brain function, boost metabolism, and reduce symptoms of addiction and chronic diseases.


Plaquex® therapy is a medical treatment that involves the administration of a phosphatidylcholine-based solution to improve cardiovascular health and reduce plaque buildup in the arteries. It aims to enhance circulation, restore vascular function, and promote overall heart wellness. Add Magnesium, B-complex, or Glutathione to any push or bag for $30.
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